Deinonychuses on the rise

It's mating season for the Deinonychuses. That means more Deinonychuses. And that means more hungry, territorial dinosaurs coming after your friends and family. Deinonychuses hunt in packs. Never ever let them surround you, especially when you're alone. There's a trick to knowing if there are any Deinonychuses in your vicinity as well as several other tricks to help you survive against these dinosaurs in the case you meet them

40 Years Old

Gwengar has lived for fourty years a healthy man. He's achieved every doting father's dream: to embrace his grandchildren. His white hairs are proof of his maturity and age. But what exactly was his secret to such a lasting life?


Light Up

It's no secret at this point that fire is considered to be the be-all end-all discovery in this time period, but did you know fire can also be used to scare away potential predators such as wolves?

Stop, Drop, and Stay Dead

Bears kill, it's no surprise when they're hungry and the only abundant food source is you. When you're alone, separated from your pack and you see starving bear coming up to you, the best way to respond is not to take it out before it takes you out. It's to pretend you're dead. You can also tell if a bear's nearby based on animal droppings and its footprints

Lost Your Way

It's difficult exploring outside your home when you don't know where you're going. There's a trick that explorers used, and that is to look at a certain star in the sky. It is called the Pole Star and it helps you find out which direction you're heading towards

From the Future

Don't be alarmed. This is technology from the future. It contains fire, and it cooks food for you