About The Boulder

The Boulder is a news site dedicated to spreading information and truth. The Boulder originated from the future and this was only made possible due time machines and an understanding caretaker Joshua, who agreed to let me take on The Boulder as a project/hobby. We, the ones behind The Boulder, aim to inform and keep you up to date on as many topics and issues around the world while also keeping up with the rapid changes of this still very young world. Despite being just a monkey, my dedication to providing factual and unbiased information is fierce and I hope to keep updating The Boulder until the day I die. I also hope to best express my feelings and thoughts through, currently, our only means of communication: The Boulder

Mun Ki

Original Creator and Head-Writer

It all started when humans guided me in the art of linguistics. They put me in front of a typewriter and soon found myself unknowingly typing out the script for Romeo & Juliet. It was then I knew that my abilities had to be used for the good of humanity, if not monkeykind. So I requested for a time machine, to be sent back to this era where I could share my vast, yet pitifully sparse knowledge that others know not of yet. I understand that seeing a talking monkey may be a scary sight, but there is nothing to fear, because all I wish for is the benefit of mankind.


Co-Creator and Lead Programmer

I was a lifeless rock once. I had neither feelings nor thoughts. I might have had a semblance of consciousness back then, but I can't really remember. I met Mun Ki back in the year 0011. He gave me life, he gave me intelligence, thought and emotion. Since then, I've become his personal assistant. I even read this humongous book called 'The Art of Programming' to be useful to him. I may not have hands like other people do, but I do have an undying love for learning and a working brain, and that's all I need. And through sheer hard work and patience, I've been upgraded from pet rock to lead programmer.

We Are Hiring!


Overview: The Boulder is hiring anyone who is interested in writing articles and/or going to the front lines to report news live. We welcome anyone who can pass our basic English quiz. You will be paid 500g of dinosaur meat/hour for your generous efforts

Job Openings: Content Writers, News Reporters

Skills Required: Firm grasp over the English Language for Content Writers and Fluent Speaking Skills for News Reporters

Contact Us

E-mail: theboulder-jobapplication@stonemail.com

Contact Number: 109-111-548

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