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Who would you trust to watch your back?


Previous Poll Results:

How would you want to die?

86% preferred to die by another's hand

10% wanted to be mauled to death by Velociraptors

3% wanted to be crushed by a giant, flaming rock

1% wanted to see the world before dying

Past Polls

crazy man

28th May IIX

Do you understand the word 'Preposterous'?


of you answered no


2nd April IIX

What would you do if you saw a T-Rex?


58% chose to fight it

20% ran away

10% would try to shake it's tiny hands

7% would rather kill yourself first

5% would call your friends, family, your friends' friends, your friends' families, your family's friends' families, and all their next-of-kin combined to fight the T-Rex together


3rd March IIX

Do you believe in anything supernatural?


68% said whatever they believed was indeed real

32% said they once saw the ghosts of their family haunt them

1% said they believe in the impossible